August 18 Bible Reading & Daily Prayer Focus

Bible Reading Plan

Today’s Bible Reading: Galatians 2, Psalm 105-107
Daily Prayer Focus: Our Community, State, & Nation
How To Get The Most Out Using The Daily Bible Reading & Prayer Focus

Before you begin your daily Bible reading, pray that the Holy Spirit would highlight at least one things to you from the passages you read today. Wayne Cordeiro tells us, “That is a prayer the Holy Spirit loves to answer. He will highlight one verse or thought that momentarily stops you in your tracks or seems to shine out from the page. He will whisper, ‘This is for you–this is a promise you can hold to’ or ‘this instruction will get you back on track.” When you come across this passage, take a pen and underline the verse. The mnemonic REAP (Read, Examine, Application, Prayer) can be used structure your time today.

The REAP Method

Open your Bible and ask the Holy Spirit to teach, correct, and train you (2 Timothy 3:16). As you’re reading, ask these questions:
▪What is happening in this passage?
▪What things are emphasized, repeated, related?What do you see about God?
▪What is God doing in this passage?
▪What do you see about man?

Spend some time reflecting. Ask yourself these questions, and write down your thoughts:
▪How do you think the author wants his audience to respond?
▪What do you learn about God’s character?
▪What wrong beliefs about God and myself did I have?

After examining the passage, apply the text to your own life. Ask yourself these questions:
▪How do I need to repent?
▪What truths do I need to believe?
▪What false beliefs must I turn from?
▪What can I do empowered by the Holy Spirit today to apply this passage?

As you close with prayer, start with praying through the passage and your application, asking God to change your heart and to change your life, based on the time you’ve spent in God’s Word. End your time praying for the Daily Prayer Focus, a prayer focus is listed next to the Bible Passages at the top of the page each day.

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