Bibles We Recommend

Bibles We Recommend

parents and their children reading the bible At Homeport we recommend the New Living Translation (NLT) and let me tell you why. We want you to read and study from a Bible that is easy to read, written using words and phrases that make sense to readers today, and is an accurate translation of the Greek New Testament.[br] There was a missionary and Bible translator in Asia not to long ago that made an argument for a more readable English translation. The missionary said, “If we would work so hard to translate the Bible into a language the Bible has never been translated into before so that it would be easy to understand what God was saying through Scripture, then why wouldn’t we use the same method of translation for English Bibles?” Makes sense. There are a lot of great Bible translations out there, but because of its accuracy and readability we love the NLT.

Some other great translations include the English Standard Version (ESV) and the New American Standard Bible (NASB). These are great additions for Bible study. Whatever translation you use, we just want you to read it and understand it as you grow as a disciple.

Purchase a hard copy version of the NLT Bible from one of these websiteteenager reading Bible 

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Download the Bible app on your smartphone/tablet for you & your kids


The Youversion App is great for adults and teenagers. Click here and it will take you to a page with options to download the app for your Apple, Android, Windows or Blackberry device.

They even have an app for kids