September 5th Weekly Highlights

Weekly Highlights


The leadership of Homeport is presenting JR Young to the congregation for consideration to become an Elder. JR & Maureen Young have been a part of Homeport since 2017. JR entered our Elder Apprenticeship program in the Fall of 2019 but with Covid, it slowed the process down. The congregation of Homeport has 30 days to come to either Jim Leewe or Ben Boles with a scriptural reason why JR should not be an Elder. All objections will be handled anonymously with JR. If no scriptural reason can be found, JR will be ordained as an Elder at Homeport in October.


We are excited to have Derek Paul from Identify Ministries one of our Missions Partners with us, September 12th at 2pm for their Homosexuality & The Church Seminar. This seminar will prepare your leaders and congregation to minister effectively and confidently with their loved ones without compromising faith or scriptural integrity. This seminar will cover Gender Identity Formation, 4 Theological Views of Homosexuality, and 3 Group Trends in Exchanging LGBTQ for Jesus. The topics covered have proven to help churchgoers better understand their family members, coworkers, and even other attendees while empowering them and strengthening their faith in Jesus’s power to transform lives. A time of Q & A will follow the teaching portion. Register on the webpage, the event is free for Homeport, contact the church office for the coupon code.


When it comes to spiritual growth, we believe circles are better than rows. These circles or Small Groups and Bible Studies help us build relationships and provide an environment to discuss scripture, and how to apply it to our lives. Please fill out the survey on your Connect Card to let us know if you’d like to join one this Fall.

Missions Spotlight: Identify Ministires

Identify Ministries Christian discipleship, training and support ministry for those impacted by homosexuality and transgenderism. Our mission is to help the Church effectively minister the gospel to those dealing with these sex and gender struggles both inside and outside the Church. We provide regular training classes on controversial topics, a monthly online Parents Fellowship, a women’s support group, scheduled discipleship sessions for men and women, professional referrals, community outreach, and speaking events to empower the Church and fulfill the Great Commission.
Prayer Needs:
-Please pray for courage and graceful perseverance among those they minister to
-For God to open up doors to share in school assemblies in the coming months.
-For organizing a hometown fundraiser on Oct. 19th called “Stand Out for Jesus”.

August 29th Engagement Dashboard
Offering of $4253 budget need
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In-Person & Online Attendance
71 / 16