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What Do You Do When You See A Wrong Way Sign? | Repentance

It's All Greek To Me, Sermon Series

What Do You Do When You See A Wrong Way Sign? | Repentance | Homeport Christian Church

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How easy is it for you to change your mind? Are you set in your ways and unwilling to change or is there room in your heart and mind to be willing to change your mind and allow God to show you a better way? When Jesus and the Apostle talks about repentance they are trying to shame us or give us some guilt trip, they just want us to understand God is trying to show us a way that leads to everlasting life, but we can get so stuck in our ways that we don’t want to give in and change our ways. Let’s not be people who can’t change their mind and miss the life God offers us through Jesus. You can watch the full gathering above or click the button below to watch the sermon.


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